Anchor Fasteners

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Projection Bolt
Bolt Size Shield Length
Fixture in Thickness
Hole Dimeter
Min Hole Depth
Recomendedd Torque
Box Quality
Safe Working Load 30N/mm
  (mm) Max Min 10 (mm) Concrete(NM) (pcs.) Tension shear
  60   25 50      
  75   40     50 6.8
M6 90 45 60        
100   (mm) Depth        
65   (mm) 55      
75   SO   14    
90 50 30N/mm'       8.7
M8 100   Concrete (NM)   16 55  
120   6.5        
Zebra Anchor
Size Thread
Dia x length
Hole Dimeter
Reduced Embedment
Max Min.
Box Quantity
Safe Working
    30-3 5    
6X40   30-15 5    
6X50   30-25 5 100  
6X60 6 30-35 5    
6X75   30-50 5    
6X100   30-3 15    
8X40   30-15 15    
8X50   40-25 5 100  
8X60   40-35 15   475
8X70   so 15    
8X100 8 40-5 25    
10X50   40-15 25 50 705
Frame Fixing Anchor
Bolt Shield Anchor

Minimum recommended note depth '"tor nuuimom (uiuro thickness For irmncr futures increase the hoM> depth accordingly Oriy these sizes MB avaiabB .

Size Max Fixture
Hole Depth
Hole Dimeter
in subtract
Torque in 30N/mm'
Concrete! Mm)
Box Quantity
M6X50 10 40 50 10 6 100
M8XS0 10 40 50 12 11 50
Ml 0X60 10 50 80 14 22 50
Ml2X75 10 60 90 18 38 25
Sleeve Hook Anchor Bolt
Sleeve Eye Anchor Bolt
Sleeve Fasteners
We are soul manufacturer of Sleeve Fasteners . Our clients can avail from us a comprehensive range of fasteners sleeve. These can be customized as per the requirement of the customers and find usage in a variety of applications in numerous industries. Our range of bolts are outsourced from trustworthy and reputed vendors, located all over the globe and are appreciated for their reliable performance and dimensional accuracy.

Material : M.S. / S.S.

Sizes : M-8 to M-12

Also Under take Customized sizes
Wedge / Through Bolt

Special app. for Dry Wall fixing and curtain Walling system.

Through Bolt: Suitable for all App. in un cracked concrete
The arrow through bolt has been developed in response to the changing demands of the market in terms of product approval, levels, ease of fixing and product quality. This is a single ring with large wedges with three slits provided with projection to grip the concrete. This is fitted on specially designed tapered cone to grip the concrete. A reliable hold is obtained due to large wedges which expand in three directions.

Suitable for Non-Cracked Concrete

Available in

Material Mild steel white Zinc Passivated 5 microns Material Carbon Steel (Cold forged) yellow with SS304 clip Stainless steel AISI-304-A2/AISI-316-A4 Cadmium plating on Mild steel.


Structural connections through fixing bracketing. Support angle, cladding restraint steel holding down, Stadium seating, raking, light structures, balmstrading , machinery, safety fences and crashed barriers, steel constructions, railings, consoles, ladders cable trays, machines, staircases, gates, facades, window elements. Fixing back industrial doors, wall, handrails, fabricated stairways, curtain walling system, corrosive environments, stainless steel for ultimate protection in marine, sewage, water treatment, food processing polluted industrial atmosphere and decorative applications and many more applications etc.
Anchor Expansion Fasteners

We offer a wide array of Anchor Expansion Fasteners to choose from. These fasteners are available in various designs and sizes depending on the area of application. Fasteners are mostly used in heavy machinery installation and thus need to be highly resistant to corrosion. Anchor fasteners also need high strength capabilities to facilitate the installation of heavy machinery.

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DropIn Anchor(Thread Shield)