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Plain pins and dowels

Plain pins are solid cylindrical pins which have a cold drawn finish. Plain pins with diameters up to 1/8" have a tolerance of .000/-.001 in. and diameters 1/8" and over have a tolerance of .000/-.002 in.

Dowels are solid cylindrical pins which have a center less ground finish with total precision tolerances. All plain pins and dowels are special-order items. Various materials, diameters, lengths, end configurations, heat treatment, and finishes are available.

DRIV-LOK'S engineering department will work with customers to provide technical assistance.


Plain and dowel pins are held in place by interference created around the entire pin circumference when it is pressed into a hole. The insertion, holding, and radial forces generated by these pins are very sensitive to hole diameter variation and usually require the use of a reamed hole.

Ground Dowels

Hole Sizes: Because of the wide variety of materials in which dowel pins are used and the many design requirements which must be considered, it is not possible to provide hole size recommendations that will be suitable for all applications. However, the suggested hole sizes tabulated have been commonly used for press-fitting ground dowel pins into materials such as mild steels and cast iron. In soft materials such as aluminum or zinc die castings, hole size limits are usually decreased by 0.0005 in. to increase the press fit.