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Should inserts need to be removed. The use of the Powercoil extraction tool is recommended. Extraction tools are simple and easy to use. As correct positioning will make the extraction easier, the tool should be turned 90 from the start of the oil allowing easy winding out of the insert. If the extraction tool is not gripping the insert, the edges can be re-sharpened.

Tools to remove Powercoil inserts are listed below. This is done by applying the tool to the insert, strikling the head of the tool a light blow and turning it anti clock wise, maintaining steady downward pressure.

Nominal Thread Size
Metric Inch
M 2 # 1
M 2.2 # 2
M 2.5 thru M 4 # 3 thru # 8
M 5 thru M 10 # 10 thru 3/8"
M 11 thru M 24 7/16" thru 1"
M 27 thru M 39 1-1/8" thru 1-1/2"