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POWERCOIL has developed a full range of POWERCOIL thread repair kits covering the majority of sizes commonly in use today. Powercoil Kits contain a HSS STI tap, installation tools, some precision stainless steel inserts, drill in upto M12 kits and instructions in a sturdy reusable container. POWERCOIL has a full range of problem solving repair kits available in single or multiple size format.

Wire thread insert system Features & Beneefits
 Lighter and cheaper thanany other equivalent type of thread insert.

 Can generally be introdoced into existing designs where no previous provision has been made.

 Increase quality and performance whilst reducing overall product cost.

 Their intruduction may result in the use of thinner sections or lighter parent materials without sacrificing thread strenght.

 Create internal threads with greatly improved distribution of residual stress loading.

 Compensate for pitch and flank angle errors

 Create internal threads in which wear due to thread is virtually eliminated.

 Providing threads that stay tight.

Note that the same load is achieved at substantial reduction in space. Disc stacks may be designed for extremely high loads where coil springs are not feasible at all.