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Round Head Square Neck Bolts

Carriage Bolts (commonly called Shaker Screen Bolts) are made from alloy steel to the strength and hardness requirements of SAE J429 for Grade 5(8.8) & 8(10.9) bolts and to the dimensional requirements of ASME B18.5.

The high hardness provides strength and wear resistance to the head and the alloy steel provides excellent toughness in the most demanding applications.

SAE J429 Requirements - Grade 5(8.8) & 8(10.9)

Material : Grade 5 (8.8) Carbon Steel Grade 8 (10.9) Alloy Steel (as defined by SAE J411)

Tensile Strength : Grade 5 (8.8) 120,000 psi min, Grade 8 (10.9) 150,000 psi min

Proof Load Strength : Grade 5 (8.8) 85,000 psi min, Grade 8 (10.9) 120,000 psi min

Rockwell Hardness : Grade 5 (8.8) : Grade 8 (10.9) Rc 33 / 39

Carriage Bolts are designed to be used in applications that require a low profile head and the Grade 8 strength level ensures that the carriage bolts will hold up in the most demanding applications. Popular applications include plow blade bolts, curb guard bolts and shaker screen assemblies. The low profile head and a fastener that can be installed from the nut side of the assembly make this style fastener useful in many applications.