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When particular types of fasteners need to be tightened or loosened frequently without the use of tools, wing nuts are the perfect solutions. Characterized by their "wing" shaped protrusions, wing nuts allow someone to turn and tighten these fasteners by hand. There are concerns associated with wing nuts, however, that one should be aware of.

Wing Nuts: Convenience Versus Strength

The locking serrations are designed to minimizes the resistance to rotation when the nuts are assemble (in the clockwise direction) and to bite into the material being clamped to prevent the nut from unloosening(in the counterclockwise direction).

Wing nuts are generally used in marine oriented applications, such as on boats or other sea going vessels. The need for wing nuts has evolved from the need for the speed and convenience tightening and loosening a wing nut by hand affords. On the open water, it is harder to use tools in any kind of intricate fashion. For ship board components that may need to be dealt with while on the choppy sea, wing nuts are essential.

Wing nuts are generally considered by most to be a weaker type of nut, but this is not necessarily the case. The wing shaped protrusions are thought to be easy to break off, and the extra size makes them more vulnerable to corrosion. This is why you will find that most wing nuts have a hex head on them just like a normal nut. This is just in case the wings break off and the nut needs to be removed or tightened with a wrench.

Higher quality wing nuts, like Zinc plated steel and stainless steel 18-8 are very sturdy and are resistant to corrosion in marine conditions. Stainless steel 18-8 is, in particular, an extremely high quality of metal and is the most popular choice for boats. Our knowledgeable staff here at is happy to help and advise you with any questions you may have about the right type of wing nuts to use. Contact us anytime.